"like salt in food"

„Like salt in food,” says the story written by famous Peter Ispirescu.This salt,as a measure of love!
That’s more actual than ever! And it’s the only such story from Earth! But it has changed!

Excess of salt, sugar and fat, seriously harms! That’s the medical warning and the other story.
Let’s take a little time to think about.
What is excessive? At first read… too much, but relative to body weight?
Between the body of a child of 20 kg and that of an adult by 120, is a great uncertain as to give too much, or to recommend only 2, 4 or 6 g of salt per day …

Between the mountain people who drink almost magnetic pure water and plain people which receives water from the infected sources, first of them soluble and remove substances faster!

And then to who actually addresses these TV commercials? We
aren’t the same! We are unique, our bodies, with our metabolism, lifestyle, everything, everyone is unique in
its way!
Nor have the same blood group! The site varies *- RH,Oxygen-carrier blood! Some have predominantly copper (Cu) ,others-most-iron(Fe)!

And now,let’s talk about salt.
Any reaction of salt with water produce heat! And salt is the pricipal electrolyte which one,when is move out of the blood, reduces 11,000
times the speed of the informational transfer to the brain!

How about sugar?
is the bearer of an entirely different type of information!We are talking of natural fruit sugar synthesized by nature with help of water! We are talking about multiple sugar from honey.Glucose is directly involved in forming of dezoxyribonucleic acid(DNA) !In the other way,we are talking about our progress and our genetics!

Fat? Let’s see what the studies say!
Cholesterol helps create cell membranes, the synthesis of adrenal and ovarian hormones.It’s crucial in lipid digestion helping liver to transform them in biliar acid. Low levels of cholesterol induced by drugs, leading to depression,violent behavior, suicide, increased risk of heart attack,myocardial infarction and especially poor functioning of immune system.

In the past, someone with a diet containing 300 mg cholesterol per day, with an HDL level (good cholesterol) 35 mg/deciliter of blood, was considered normal. (JAMA 2001, 285:2486-2497).
That is until OMS decided to change the rules! Down to 200! Immediately, there were 36 million ill people and 4.3 billion dollars per year, earning! …

… Between „knowledge”of some of them and Intuition of our forefathers, Romanian shepherd chose Intuition! All living with „Slana”, and „Tzuica” and bread!How do
you want he raises his sheeps, to fight with cold, with rain or with bears?

Or to wear those 40 kg. of sheepskin ?

Newspaper:”the Romanian”
article „Water-secret of life” written by Dan Scriban

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