Pictures that have surrounded the Earth or… Planet isn’t just for human !

This morning,when i opened my e-mail service,i had a great surprise.A friend sent to me these photos .And then,more questions arrieved in my mind.What this means? What is love ?Is that only for human?
What can i say more ? Let the pictures speak for themselves.

A bird(a female bird) was hit by a car.In a few moments after,the photos were taken:

He(the male bird) brings her food and…
protects her.

He tries to move her.It’s too late……

He screamed to wake her up. He knows he lost her and cries.

He sits beside her and screams of pain. He remained single.

Finally, when he realizes that there are no chances, he sits silently beside her …

These photos were made in Ukraine and have gone around the world. Papers in which these pictures were published ,in France, had sold all copies.
The moral of the story is only one:


(I send a big thank you to the person who took these” masterpieces”,even i don’t know who he/she was.)

Sources:Google,,my friend

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