SATURDAY DINNER – ANTHI (stuffed courgette flowers)

 Yesterday i was invited to dinner at a Greek friend .I know a lot about Greek cuisine,but what girl’s mother served there was amazing.

I want share it with all of you .Those who wish to have a savouring-tasteful-healthy dinner.And,a vegetarian one,why not ?
That’s the recipe I got.

15-20 zucchini or courgette blossoms
1/2 kg.rice (or wheat bulgur)
4-5 chopped spring onions(or 1-2 onions)
2-3 smashed spring garlic(or 1-2 smashed garlic)
1 egg
dried mint or chopped fresh mint
dried basil or chopped fresh basil
  some 50 ml.olive oil(or more if desired)


Choose blossoms which …

are open and fresh.Do not wash them. Remove the stem and the green bits which are on the outside. Make sure the inside does not contain any ants or soil.

2.Mix the rest of the ingredients well.

3.Fill flowers with mixture using a teaspoon. Do not overfill as the mixture will expand when cooked.

Close flower carefully by folding over the sides.

4.Take a medium saucepan. Place vine leaves 

into the saucepan to cover whole bottom,then sit 


into the pan, filled flowers

 (in the same way that you make dolmades), they must be quite tightly packed so that they don’t open while cooking.With the same stuffed you can fill tomatoes,peppers,or vine leaves and add them besides flowers.

(the bottom of the pan is not even need to be covered with vine leaves,but is better to do it ).

5.Over the flowers add sliced tomatoes,basil and mint leaves.

Place a plate on top of the flowers and then add water to cover the plate (this is to avoid the flowers opening while cooking).

Bring saucepan to the boil and then reduce heat and simmer for about 10 minutes(or till rice is cooked).

Allow to stand for at least ½ – 1 hour before serving; its best for them to cool so that they do not crumble when you remove them from the heat.

It’s served with greek yoghurt or thick cream and seasoned with chopped basil and mint leaves.

Enjoy your meal.It worth to try it and makes all the money !


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