She is just a woman …but the moral of the story is memorably

With a sword at her hip and a cape on her shoulders,Iulia Tkacenko  walks through the woods, followed by ten men in red-black uniforms. An exception in Russia: she is the only one „Ataman” woman.That’s  meaning the chief of a band of Cossacks. 

(paint by Nicolai Semionovici)

It is an anomaly among a population that is known for its attachment to tradition and dominated by male figures.

Today, men are slightly weaker, women are stronger. Maybe not physically, but morally, we are definitely stronger,” says Iulia, 66 years old. Surrounded by soldiers, which exceed by a head in height, Iulia gives orders, choose an area for each team, the area to be monitored. In this region of Aleksandrov, at 100 kilometers from Moscow, the Cossacks mission is to maintain the order. They patrol during the holidays, help police and firefighters, all voluntarily.

„We want Russia to be strong and Cossack’s role is to help the country„,Iulia says.
Cossacks were originally adventurers in the service of Tsar. Persecuted during the Soviet period,

they were reborn after the fall of the USSR in 1991 and now are 740,000 registered Cossacks. After ten years, Iulia has decided to bring back to life Cossack community of Aleksandrov. She has mobilized young people and led Moscow to record, then was elected to lead a unit of 320 Cossacks.

„Iulia is our mother. She tells us to do one or the other thing and gladly obey. Not as a boss who gives orders, but as a mother who asks you,” says Vladimir, a Cossack of 50 years. „Our Ioana d’Arc,” he adds.
Iulia says that sometimes she is threatened by radicals. „I do not fear, I’m brave. We die only once, so I am not afraid of death. I will fight till the end for my mission.”
She wants to be worthy of its origin. Family story says that would be a descendant of Yermak’s one of the best known commanders and conqueror of the Siberian Cossacks.

After fulfilling her mission, Iulia goes home, get off their uniform, puts her gown and some lipstick. „Outside i am Ataman in uniform and fight . But when i come home, i am a woman, I sit at the table, i cook some food and my family are here,” she explains while prepared pies for her son and her husband and …of course ,for comrades, who come frequently to her table.
On March 8 is Women’s Day, celebrated throughout Russia. Usually, in this day, women are resting. Iulia will get to patrol the streets of Aleksandrov.
„Why should I rest? I’ll get  rest after I die!” Iulia said .

The moral of the story:

I sent this story to a friend of mine,a friend who lives in America.His reply was a stunning view over that story.According to him…
…she is a crazy woman who walks with a blade at her hip and she may be charged for use and posses of white weapons !”

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Sources:9AMnews,Wikipedia,my knowledges

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