The device what detects cancer, the invention of a Romanian woman

The researcher Raluca-Ioana van Staden won in the International Exhibition of Inventions from Geneva, the Gold Trophy of the World Intellectual Property Organization
for „Best woman inventor”.
Device invented by researcher, with her husband Frederick Jacobus van Staden, is a sensor that can finds any form of cancer in humans living, in less than six minutes and before the disease to be triggered in the body.
This is a new type of sensor that determines.. both the quality biomarker, helping the doctor to diagnose the type of cancer, as well as quantity, helping him decide what medicine to administer and to what extent the disease do not evolve. The production of this device will start very soon, in partnership with a Romanian comapanie so that the product will be „purely Romanian,” the researcher pointed out. Production cost of the device are very small – less than one euro. Today we consider a sum less than one euro. We think of some costs that can be downloaded from the Health Insurance House, so testing was no longer a luxury for today. Produced on a large scale, the device would be very easy to use, as easy as a glucometer” pointed Raluca-Ioana van Staden.
„After being approved by the Ministry of Health, the sensor will be distributed in Romanian hospitals and Romania will be the first country that will use” the scientist told for Realitatea TV.
Raluca-Ioana van Staden participated in the last three years to six national research projects and has coordinated research projects in South Africa, the University of Pretoria.
She is currently in PATLAB, short for Process Analytical Technology Laboratory, Bucharest branch of the Institute of Electrochemistry and Condensed matter Timisoara, a part of her activity unfolded with the presence of her students. Ms van Staden received the Faculty of Chemistry, the University of Bucharest, license and doctoral degrees.
But ,she followed the courses of another university, studying piano and musical pedagogy in the National University of Music, followed by an MA in Composition .

Source: 9AM news


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      Multumesc pentru atentionare.


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