I can

O amintire, un gind, un material spre care n-am facut niciun pas. Amintirea a venit spre mine. Si poate ca nu intimplator.

Mala Teaha

Most people want to control everything about them. But sometimes, things can go wrong and nobody can do anything. Sometimes, you have just to give up and tell yourself  I’m down today, but tomorrow good things will happen„.
Whoever can say I can’t. You can not be a doctor without a medical school graduate. That’s true, till a point. You can not marry a supermodel because you’re ugly. Interpretable thing, right?
Human beings are so imperfect. That’s why, people appreciate honesty and honesty about imperfection creates most of times, tremendous opportunities.
As opposed to I can’t there is a simple I can. You just notice what happens every time when you say with conviction I can . You’ll see that, things are not so black as you saw in the beginning. When you are not looking for excuses not doing anything, you become smarter. Find reasons, doing something and don’t find excuses not making…

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4 păreri la “I can

  1. Yes, I can! No, it’s not about politics here, nothing about elections in the US. All you can do is having a smart look over the humans as individuals. Human beings are so imperfect, you said. I simply don’t agree. Human being is the most perfect (if you can say that) creature on Earth. Nobody could even imagine of doing something better than that. On the other hand, everyone is different. There aren’t two absolutely „the same” people even though you thing about twins.
    Yes, I can! It seems that nothing can disrupt our own desire to do what ever we want. Be positive, be confident and everything we have in mind can be done effortless.
    Thank you for your thoughts, proving your openness and strength in making everything possible!

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