„Copii in gradina”- Ipolit Strambu

Undeva in mine, cred ca exista o doza ( usor iritabila) de misionarism, de ma lipesc de cauze uitate, multe pierdute. De la oameni si animale, pina la obiecte si lucruri (unele existind doar in realitatea virtuala) si-au gasit un sustinator in sensibilitatea, usor de zgindarit a neuronului meu. Si-ajung sa ma implic emotional (financiar […]

more than an amazing photography- Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante

http://cliptank.com/PeopleofInfluencePainting.htmA huge knowledges collection !Apparently it’s just a simple photo and a simple link.But when you walk with mouse on the surface of this photo and ,when you click on a character from there,a link redirects you to an external link associated to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.The rest is details and…….. time to read ! Enjoy […]

PARIS in 26 Gpixels

        I had a big,big surprise to see a 3D photo  so well done that I was stoned.The biggest photography ever realised…taken with huge resources.The photographers Arnaud Frich and Martin Loyer assembled 2346 photos,that’s meaning 138 columns by 17 rows.Photos were taken with 2 photo tools mounted on a motorized end.The photographers even had […]