calatorie spre centrul pamintului….( sau fluviul de sub Marea Neagra)

Atat Sumerienii cat si Biblia ne  vorbesc despre un “Adanc al apelor”, o “Lume de jos”, o”Lume subterana” etc. Si se pare ca nu e numai atit  ! Un articol recent din 9am mi-a atras atentia. Al saselea fluviu din lume ca marime, si singurul submarin activ pe Terra, a fost descoperit sub Marea Neagra. […]

The device what detects cancer, the invention of a Romanian woman

The researcher Raluca-Ioana van Staden won in the International Exhibition of Inventions from Geneva, the Gold Trophy of the World Intellectual Property Organization for „Best woman inventor”. Device invented by researcher, with her husband Frederick Jacobus van Staden, is a sensor that can finds any form of cancer in humans living, in less than six […]

PARIS in 26 Gpixels

        I had a big,big surprise to see a 3D photo  so well done that I was stoned.The biggest photography ever realised…taken with huge resources.The photographers Arnaud Frich and Martin Loyer assembled 2346 photos,that’s meaning 138 columns by 17 rows.Photos were taken with 2 photo tools mounted on a motorized end.The photographers even had […]