the 1st of April – during the history and the world

The 1 of April‘s story started in antiquity, when most peoples, including Romans and Hindus, used to celebrate the New Year around the Vernal equinox, between March 20 and April 5.
Another theory puts the habit of fooling people close by April 1 on behalf of the Gregorian calendar changed in 16th century in France. According to this calendar, New Year was celebrated on 1 April instead of January 1. People have adapted very heavy New Year’s celebration on the first day of January and have continued the custom of sending New Year greeting cards on April 1. With the passage of time, it began to be considered „Fools” and was often accompanied by humorous gifts.
Despite the historical data ,the Fools Day,it says to be originally from England. It developed and grew in popularity very quickly because Fools have always a safe „recipe” of fun, writes NewsIn.

Let sail a little over the time:
In 1945, a French pilot on the front of the Second World War flew around the German camp and threw a load of what appeared to be a bomb.
German soldiers ran scared
in all directions, but, after having ascertained that no explosion occurs, they quietly approached the „bomb” which actually was a soccer ball together with” the message of April 1! „

In 1957, one of the most respected programs of the BBC, Panorama, has launched

another „bomb”:
„Due to favorable weather conditions, Swiss farmers were able to obtain a sensational crop of … spaghetti.”
The news was accompanied by images of people picking spaghetti from trees so that, almost instantly, the TV station was besieged with calls.
-„How can I cultivate spaghetti also?”
The BBC responded with humor and diplomacy: „You just plant a stick of spaghetti in a box with tomato sauce and hope for all … the best.”

internet has spread the news that, at the initiative of the American Association for Science and Truth „,
the number pi (3.14159), one of the constants of mathematics, was changed by law in the State of Alabama, which, to simplify things, decided that it is equal to 3. Without doubt that’s a joke, hundreds of mathematicians have protested against this „abusive” measure.


One of the most resounding farce of relatively recent date was made in 2008 by the BBC TV channel.
The series of programs „Miracles development”, British post submitted images with flying penguins , tired by the frost from the Antarctic zone and went to spend winter in hot South America.
Immediately, however, the BBC broadcast a material that explained that it was a hoax of April 1, the flying penguins were performed using the computer.


BBC News: Shakespeare was French.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616), nicknamed „Big Will „, Father of English Literature, was actually French,announced on Thursday the BBC quoted Agerpres.
Shakespeare’s mother, Mary Shakespeare was born in Arden, Marie actually called „Ardennes” after the name of a forest in northern France, said an expert guest in the BBC television studios.
French National Assembly deputies have launched an investigation into this and the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, said he was „extremely pleased” to learn that Shakespeare was French, as the famous British media trust.
Too bad for the French, it’s a simple trick for April 1, and that voice they could be heard in French, in telephone interview shown on BBC isn’t of Jack Lang, anyway, he isn’t by long time the Minister of Culture.

Latest News: Eiffel Tower will be dismantled, the newspaper Le Parisien announced. Famous Eiffel Tower is about to be scrapped. The news shocked the French, who do not want to see their national symbol lost.

Some sites in China and Korea have announced that Bill Gates was assassinated!

Fairies exist! In the last days of March 1992, the Internet has been flooded with pictures of a fairy which was discovered walking in the Derbyshire,UK.

In 1995, Irish Times, wrote that, Disneyland Park owners negotiate with the Russian government to buy Lenin’s body.

In 1996, the agency Itar-Tass confused world, announcing that a plant will produce hand grenades encrusted with diamonds, for victims to end up between a gem, not a pool of blood…

Now ,all is up on everyone’s choise if takes a „bite” or not…

Sources:Wikipedia,Google Channel,”Realitatea”newspaper

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